It Only Works If You Ask

The paradox of identifying with pain and dis-ease and the struggle for those who want to help.

Rochelle Berghoff

2/6/20244 min read

white blue and orange medication pill
white blue and orange medication pill

I've been in a scenario like this repetitively throughout my life... it goes something like this: I know someone suffering with dis-ease, I offer well-researched alternative solutions to try, and then I'm disregarded because of a reason somewhere along the lines of not being a medical doctor. Fair enough, right? It's still quite baffling and frustrating because the track record of westernized "health care" has been at an all-time low for decades. They might excel in the land of diagnostics and occasional bone setting, but other than that I believe they're doing more harm than good; with medical error still coming in at #3 for leading cause of death in the US, right behind cancer and heart disease. And to anyone with a sense about these things, it's clearly that the ideology isn't set up for viewing the human body as a whole system. Haven't you noticed doctors sidestepping discussion around root cause or blatantly claiming to not know? Not surprising, it'd be a conflict of interest in cultivation of repeat customers. They're sleeping with the pharma industry that funds them and are seemingly only interested in prescribing overpriced pills and potions, or astronomically expensive and invasive surgeries. I think everyone kinda knows this by now, and yet...

A majority of my family has or died from either MS or Cancer and this is what kicked off my interest in studying diet and nutrition in my twenties. Diving deep into regenerative treatments such as Gerson Therapy, I realized that being well informed on root causes and offering to treat them makes you an enemy of the state, literally. The Gerson's family practice had such success without pills that it was harassed out of the country. They maintained their practice on the other side of the California/Mexico border in Tijuana as to not be "taken out" by feds. Word has it, attempts were made. Just like Dr. Sebi... a true spark of a man who taught the electrical components of nutrition, living water, and herbs that promote an alkaline state in order to heal from disease. Under his guidance an alarming number of cancer and AIDs patients, who were sent home to die, fully recovered. His story is so fascinating, but he was ultimately killed for his work. Even after winning a court battle for malpractice of medicine. A legendary win, as many of his patients came forth to give testimony of their saved-life status. Side note on this, the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, just prior to his untimely death, was gearing up to produce a documentary about Dr. Sebi. Nick Cannon allegedly took over the rights after Nipsey's death in 2019 and still has yet to move forward with exposing the story in any way. I can't imagine why... <third eye roll>

What's more is, the vast majority of the population seems to be under a spell. A spell that has nobody's best interest in mind except for that of the pharmaceutical companies' bottom lines. And yet year after year I encounter people who put all their eggs in their doctor's basket of expertise, the same doctor who took under 4 hours of nutrition studies in a medical school curriculum largely funded by big pharma. They no longer are trained to be interested or even have time to dive into the root causes of patient ailments, but have been very well versed on how to suppress symptoms via the latest and greatest pill. Until maybe it gets recalled for reasons like being linked to suicide or manic episodes, but up through that point? You're the guinea pig, and you're quite pleased about it because a holistic approach is somehow too "out there" for comprehension. The disconnection from our innately human right to health is by design and I think knowing this is probably what drives me most.

Through all of this deeper awareness, I still find it somewhat difficult to accept, but what I know is this: sometimes a battle with health is part of the plan for your life. More often than not there is a message encoded within agony and as I've learned via Quantum Healing Hypnosis, your guides (which is just a higher version of you) may not let you clear an issue until you can fully realize the lesson attached. Pain or discomfort is a messenger and once the message is delivered, there's no need for said messenger. So as much as I feel a pull to help others, my hurdle has been accepting this bit of our existence in a dense third dimensional time space reality.

This has come up again for me recently as I study a new modality known as Quantum Pain Relief. The previous class needed volunteers who experience pain or irritating sensation such as numbness to receive a no cost session in order to obtain their certification, many clients of this modality experience 80% or more relief of their pain. I'm just beginning week 2 of 12 in the program as I write this and I recommended the volunteer opportunity to 4 people I know who experience chronic pain. One of them accepted and got relief from the session, the other three cited the next MRI, protocol, or surgery their doctor wants to try and more or less graciously blew me off. Or I should say they blew the opportunity off. I think I'm realizing that I take this sort of thing personally for some reason, even still. It's really just that one of my least favorite aspects of this incarnation is witnessing others suffering and for some reason beyond me I have always felt inclined to help. Sadly, it only ever works when the person actually wants the help. As the old saying goes "If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them."